To really manage change 

September-October 2003 Issue

Chaos's theory
Managing chaos
Compexity and change
Tolerance to uncertainty (1)
Tolérance to uncertainty (2)
Power and uncertainty
The survival's conditions

Notion of semi autonomy
The semi autonomy's parameters
Pictures of semi autonomy
Power and semi autonomy
From power to strenght
Manager and semi autonomy
Fractal organization
Clientele's integration

The prospective
The callenge's upright !
The turnaroud of organizations
The management's tree
Change and mobilization
Mirage or reality
The spiral effect
The sensitive management

The coaching in management
The manager's commitment
From integrity to integration
The integration in managing change
Management and staging
Change at "half mast" !
Changing ourselves !
Change and self image
Visibility and credibility
The fear in power
The screen of methodology

The iceberg of culture
Changing organizational culture

The impregnationPME et changement
The political cost of changing
The change's maze
The catalyst effect

Change and perception
Change and ambivalence
Change and transition
Change and attitudes
Change and contingency
Structures and change
The conduct of change
Change and time
The time's quadrants
The headlong rush

Change's learning
The learning's obstacles (1)
The learning's obstacles (2)
The resistance to change
The change's language
Managing gaps
The isecurity's tranference !

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New: Change and autonomy

La parution, aux Presses de l'Université du Québec, du livre Le Temps de l'incertitude: du changement personnel au changement organisationnel (ISBN 2-7605-1225-8) ne permet plus l'accès à certaines pages du site. En effet, le livre reprend , de façon intégrée, bon nombre de notions du site. Alors n'hésitez pas à vous le procurer ! Quant au site, il devient davantage un complément au livre.


The impact of a butterfly !

The chaos's theory sustains that because of the sensitivity to the initial conditions, the wings's beat of a butterfly somewhere in Africa could provoke an hurricane in America ! It can appear difficult to believe it but this image invite us to review our usual approach to the reality.

Like the abundance of order drives irreparably to the mess, a new order can emerge from the chaos insofar as one accepts to review some paradigms and if we give ourselves the means to decode the future.

To nurrish your thought or ro arouse your curiosity, you may, after lookg at these pages, to browse the links or suggested readings. You can also use the search engine that indexes all this web site.

This web site is construct to allow you to walk around in change from differents points of view. Acording to your interest about change, like its impacts or the management, the texts at left will guide you across the web site.

In the months to come, all the pages will be translated. If you want to know more about this topics, or if you are interested by lectures or workshops on these subjetcs, you can click on Prospect Gestion at the top of every page.

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Raymond Vaillancourt
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